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30. listopadu 2010 v 15:53 | GaGaGiRl* |  Miely Cyrus
 No tak tu ju máš :) Dufam že sa páči..
Ak tam velkosť si uprav ale táto je podla mna fajn...

Na projekt :D

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The Slovak language arises from the language of the Sloviene (The Slavic inhabitants of Great Moravia, present-day Hungary, Slovenia and Slavonia) in the form of several Slovak dialects, after the Magyars (Hungarians) have destroyed Great Moravia (c.907), settled in present-day Hungary, separated the West from the South Slavs, and subjugated southern parts of Slovakia (most of the remaining Slovakia will become part of Hungary until the end of the 11th century).
In the 10th century, the Slovak dialects are already divided in the three present-day groups (Western, Central and Eastern Slovak dialects)
Latin is probably the administrative and liturgical language on this territory Latin is used as the administrative, liturgical and literary language in Hungary . The common people in north region speak Slovak dialects.
The primary principle of Slovak spelling is the phonemic principle , "Write as you hear".
Slovak is spoken in the Slovak Republic (by 5 million people), also in the United States (500,000), the Czech Republic (320,000), Serbia (60,000), Ireland (30,000), Romania (22,000), Hungary (20,000), Poland (20,000), Canada (20,000), Croatia (5,000), Australia, Austria and Ukraine.
Slovak language not to be confused with Slovenian and other languages)It is an Indo-European language that belongs to the West Slavic languages (together with Czech, Polish, Sorbian and other).